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Resurrection Fig Event

It was so great to be involved with this project. Hopefully there will more to follow!

Just over a week ago Landcare Illawarra launched the start of our new Environmental Trust project! Over 70 people turned up, a diversity of Kiama Council representatives, Office of Environment and Heritage Staff, staff from our partner nurseries who grow our plants, Landcarers from across the region, local farmers and Indigenous people, young families and the next generation. We shared story, food and culture, and got our hands dirty. Everyone coming together around a common purpose, to heal Country. Aunty Joyce Donovan gave a beautiful Welcome to Country and hosted a cleansing smoking ceremony. It was a significant and special event. The featured Moreton Bay Fig (an iconic species in our region) was blown down in June 2016. It is still alive, just. On the 26th of April, the community got together and planted 503 trees, shrubs and mat rush in 4 hours. A new rainforest will eventually emerge around the Fig so that it has some protection during the recovery period. The Fig is about 300 years old or more, so it is of great importance to the heritage of this country and that we look after it. It lives in Rose Valley, just west of Gerringong. Through funding from the NSW Environmental Trust, Landcare Illawarra is continuing to work with rural Landholders to re-establish woodland and rainforest vegetation on farms through new plantings of trees, and sharing of skills and knowledge. In the last 10 years Landcare Illawarra has supported around 110 planting projects. The new series of plantings is just beginning this year after waiting for rain. Some projects are associated with bush regeneration works on properties, but others are dual purpose plantings in paddocks to create windbreaks and shelterbelts for livestock, as well as habitat and food resources for wildlife. We would like to thank the Badens for hosting the day on their property, for sharing the vision and action in recovering local rainforest species, and everyone who came out on the day and participated in this incredible event.

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SEO Tips

One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is ‘what do I need to do to rank highly within a Google search?’

Now days there are many things to consider when it come to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). A well planned SEO strategy which adheres to Google’s guidelines will give your website the best possible chance of ranking well. Please see below for a list of the things we recommend implementing on your website for the best possible SEO foundation.

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On Responsive Design

The web landscape has changed vastly over the past few years and continues to evolve daily.

The explosion of digital devices of all shapes, sizes, and resolutions, from tiny handheld viewports to Ultra HD panels, has forever transformed how users employ and consume the web.

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Web Typography Tips

Good typography is the foundation for clear communication on any medium. If your project suffers from poor typography, your intended message may become confused or lack impact. 

Poor legibility, especially with large chunks of text, can turn your viewers/users away, as your text is too ‘difficult’ or ‘an effort’ to read. Your text should feel effortless to read, rather than a chore.

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