So how long does it take to turn around a typical website project?

This varies greatly, depending upon the functionality needed for the website.

A simple custom, be-spoke information website may take between 4-8 weeks to turn around, where as a large & complex custom website such as BoardThought may take anywhere up to a year. The amount of time involved in creating complex, fully custom websites can often be quite staggering.

What are the costs involved in designing & developing a website?

This also varies massively & relates to the time involved (please read the question above). Use the below costs as a rough guide only.

Due to the nature of the websites we build, there may be a large amount of time involved. We do not cut corners, we do not use pre-built templates & we do not out-source. Everything we build is created in-house from the ground up using be-spoke design & code. This allows for a completely unique end result, tailoured to your specific needs.

A standard custom, bespoke responsive information website will cost between $3,500 – $10,000. A website with medium complexity varies from $10,000 – $30,000. A complex website can vary from $30,000 +.

If you also choose to setup web hosting with us (from AU$14.95 per month), you may be eligible for a discount on your website. Please contact us for more information.

We are also available at a rate of $110 per hour, if you prefer to work this way.

What are the costs involved in creating my brand identity?

A brand package for your business starts from $1500, which includes a custom logo, business card and letterhead. Your new brand design will target your businesses specific demographic, and present a unique, professional and memorable brand image to your customers/clients.

Why don’t you just use a pre-built template? That would be much cheaper wouldn’t it?

Sometimes for certain projects, if you can find a template that covers your exact needs, this may be true.

However from experience a business will always be after something unique that stands apart from their competitors. A client will often have an idea or layout for a website that will not fit any pre-built template. Templates can be very hard to customise & will often leave the designer, developer & client frustrated.

Everything we build is from the ground up using be-spoke design & code. This allows for a completely unique end result that is built specifically to match the clients brief & is also much easier to manage & update.

Think of a custom website as an investment in getting the exact online presence that you want & need for your business. It will help drive your business in the correct direction. Often it will lead to increased business growth & profit.

The end result is a website that will be 100% unique – it will stand out from the crowd!

What other overheads are involved in setting up a website?

Web hosting & a domain name is required for every website to function online.

For more complex websites, you may require extra power, security & space for your web hosting  such as a dedicated server. You may also need extra products such as an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer Certificate) or an ongoing payment plan for specific software.

Please do not sign up for that cheap $9.95 yearly shared hosting plan. It will only end in headaches & many unwarranted tears. The security, reliability & speed of these cheap & nasty web hosting packages is often very low. Cheap hosts also may not have the technology available on their servers which may be required for your project.

Please speak to us about your project & we can give you professional advice concerning your specific project requirements. We have a server which we use with the Australian web hosting company Digital Pacific. Contact us and we can set up & manage your web hosting from AU$12.95 per month.

For larger projects that require a lot of resources, we recommend signing up for a Business Web Hosting account with Digital Pacific.

Where does the name ‘Eureka Creative’ come from?

I was working with a talented local copywriter (Dean Koorey) on one of the Kiama Tourism brochures & he would say ‘Eureka!’ when we would come up with an idea or solution. This was a play on my name ‘Wade Ingold’, seeing as Eureka! was often said when ‘striking gold’. My name literally translates to ‘Wade In Gold’ (I wish it were true!).  It also reflects the nature of my business, as the idea & visual & technological solutions are the keystones of my services.