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On Responsive Design

The web landscape has changed vastly over the past few years and continues to evolve daily.

The explosion of digital devices of all shapes, sizes, and resolutions, from tiny handheld viewports to Ultra HD panels, has forever transformed how users employ and consume the web.

User experience has become more unpredictable, with the web now viewable almost anywhere. Considerations include not only the user’s screen size and resolution but also their viewing environment, connection type & speed, browser, viewing distance, aspect ratio & input modes.

The implications of this have made the job of building websites more complex, involved and elaborate. Websites now need to be built with a huge amount of considerations in mind.

Responsive design has come about as a set of new tools and workflows that attempt to tackle the issue of the web as it stands today. Responsive design has a focus on providing fluid systems and interfaces that provide the best possible user experience across the spectrum of today and tomorrows digital devices, contexts and situations.