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Kiama rainforest regeneration

Our environmental commitment

Here at Eureka Creative we are committed to sustainability & caring for the environment

Working on multiple Landcare restoration sites, including Kaluela Headland (South Kendalls) & Bombo Headland, we help to restore local rainforest areas in the Kiama region.  We have planted over 7,550 Indigenous plants over the past 16 years, and spend hours managing the sites, removing weeds and caring for the younger trees. We grow most of the plants ourselves from seed, and also source plants from Landcare registered local nurseries.

It’s never easy, and sometimes risky, but very rewarding. There is the never-ending struggle with invasive weeds, lantana cuts, tools cuts (I almost severed my finger at one stage) and the occassional brush with a snake (I’ve been bitten twice, once in Jamberoo and once in Mexico). Having an element of risk makes it feel all the more rewarding once the trees get big enough to be self sufficient. The trees then become homes for various creatures, absorb carbon and reproduce by themselves, becoming a complex ecosystem for potentially thousands of years.

The Kiama area was once covered in a large dense subtropical and temperate rainforest. By supporting Eureka Creative, you are supporting the regeneration of the lost rainforest in the Kiama region.

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved with our work with Landcare.

One of our Bombo regeration sites. This area was once completely smothered in Lantana and African Olive trees. It now supports a diverse range of plant, insect and animal life including many birds, butterflys, Blue Tongue lizards and a visiting Swamp Wallaby.

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